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Rates & Fees

Monthly Management Fee

Priority Management charges a competitive monthly management fee, which can vary depending on property type, size and the number of properties already being managed by Priority Management. The fee rate is set as a flat fee not percentage. Typically, our single-family residential unit's management fee falls between $150-$ 200.

Tenant Placement Fees

Tenant Placement Fees on a vacant unit starts at 1/2 months' rent or $750.00 whichever is most regardless of the rent being charged. This fee is required at the start of this contract. Typically, its takes 30 days or less lease a standard single-family unit, we strive to get the unit lease to the most qualified tenants in less time as possible.

Lease Renewal Fees

Lease Renewals are set at $200-350.00 depending on the unit type, size and units managed by Priority Management.

Set-Up Fees

A one-time set up fee in the amount of $300.00 is required for Commerical Clients and Multi-Unit (4 or more units) Buildings. This fee is used to set up online accounts, inspection of the building and units, and

Prices and Fees are subject to change at anytime.

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